Sunday, 20 April 2008


So this is it. Day Zero.
Welcome, friends, you're going to be part of an Internet Revolution*

Those of you who know me as Daffs, good.
Those of you more familiar with the 'real' me, a word to the wise:

'Daffs' is more than an internet handle. It's a whole other personality. The Slim to my Marshall, Edward Hyde to my Henry Jekyll. The Goddamn Batman to my Bruce Wayne.
In the future (and, oh yes, we're going to be very concerned with the future here), when people examine the legend of Daffs, they will try to decide: which was the true face?

-Thankyou, I hope all is clear.

(*to any studios looking to offer me a lucrative rights deal: it could be televised)


Anansi(Kedd) said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogginf Daffs. Don't do like me and turn this into a place to rant and rave about things that make sense only to you

Manolis Vamvounis said...

et tu Daffs ;)

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