Monday, 22 June 2009


Welcome to the all-new, all-shiny ALEX-SPENCER.CO.UK
Just by entering that easy-to-remember don't-forget-the-dash address into your browser of choice, you'll end up here, at my wonderful blog. There might be kinks to get out, I'm not sure, it's been surprisingly easy so far. (I've even still got the nicely fitting address as an alias. Clever, huh?)

This wasn't at all a vanity thing, honest guv, just an attempt at respectability.
No man who hides under tables could be vain:So, to celebrate my new prime location, I'm going to try and do a week of articles, something every day. Most of it new, some of it written for elsewhere, possibly even a drawing or two; but all-me, all-exciting. I might even do requests if you ask nicely.

Get excited.

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