Wednesday, 28 April 2010

30 Days of Music: #003

day 03 - a song that makes you happy
Yesterday I talked about how little music makes me sad. Joyful, though? Oh, I can do joyful. Right now I'm hungover without having touched alcohol for days, had a half-hour fight with a printer to produce a contents page... And then, I put this song on and I'm bobbing and ...oh, a little smile there.

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

My attachment to art, of any kind, is pretty simple. I'm looking for one of two things: either an intellectual tickling of my lobes, or involuntary smiling. You could probably distil my primary-colours attitude to my entire life into this simple philosophy.

The Magic Position is just the song I have the most memories of smiling to, at immediate mental reach. Parties where the music is controlled by people I trust**, going a bit mental at Latitude festival, looking out over the entirety of my Uni laid out below me as the sun went down and the climactic "it's you" kicks in.

The song is simple enough*, just love-fuelled happiness stripped down to its core: I like you, and it makes me happy. I'm a simple man: Hi, I'm Alex. I like you and it makes me happy.

*i.e., me.

**Pending anything like yesterday's AIDS debacle

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