Thursday, 8 April 2010

30 Days of Music: #023

day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding

Fact: The Police's Every Breath You Take is well known as being a very popular (and stupid) choice for weddings. Weirdly, it's also high up on the list of songs played at funerals. This seems a clash of interests. Thus, I made a far better choice...

Pulp - Common People

Because, at a wedding, you have to dance. (This could've easily been something Arcade Fire - Tunnels, probably - as could yesterday's. Album's called Funeral for a reason.) Common People isn't my favourite Pulp song by a long way but, my God, I've had some good dances to it.

(In reverse chronological order, the four that come to mind: with Miss Frankie Ward at the Victoria a few weeks ago; at my cousin's wedding* with the lovely girlfriend; at Subway City's 90s night with selfsame girlfriend, which I suspect is actually a lot of times mushed into one; clearing a dancefloor with it in France on a school trip.)

It's a teasing, taunting song. Two people who have a good grasp on the words dancing it is like all that Strictly Come rubbish about a dance being full of tension. It's basically license to verbally attack the other person for four minutes. You're both playing at being the controlling, clever, witty snipey one.** The two of you get to take over the dancefloor, or at least so as you'd notice for the duration of the song.

And, hey, what do the bride and groom deserve more than the dancefloor and the complete attention of all the attendees as they play at bickering?

*See, this is a genius choice. Clever, me.
**If anyone who has danced to this song with me disagrees about this analysis of what we were doing, please let me know.


Miles said...

I am required by law to point out that "Do You Remember the First Time?" is arguably better for dancing (though, uh, even more wildly inapropriate for Weddings).

Favourite Pulp song, Alex?

Alex said...

At the moment, Do You Remember The First Time, actually. But, generally speaking, Lipgloss. Or Babies. Or Bad Cover Version... I like Pulp, basically.

Yours, Miles?

Elizabeth said...

Day 23- Percy Sledge- When a Man Loves a Woman
Day 22- Frank Turner- Long Live the Queen

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