Saturday, 1 May 2010

30 Days of Music is Over! feat. Sam Cowley

Sam Cowley is a rude, rude man. And far too cool for this being-on-the-internet business.
Sam Cowley, by Sam Cowley
Mr. Spencer has asked for my services in this navel-gazing, 30 days of pretentiousness... I joke, I love it really. How could I not? So my favourite song, eh? I will have to go for Roots Manuva’s Witness. For several reasons which I will elaborate on...

...Right now. I love a lot about this song. But I warn you, it may get a little Sociology.

First off, it is from without doubt the best British hip hop album of all time (Run Come Save Me). I would say there are all sorts of of amazing British hip hop artists, mixtapes etc, but this is one of the few albums which works as a whole.

Second, I think the bassline is ridiculously iconic. All it takes is for a DJ to drop the first half-second of the beat over the end of another song to get me outrageously aroused. Bloody cockteases. Seriously, see it live if you can... jizztastic. It is so different; robot diarrhea if ever I heard it.

Third, I think it typifies everything Britishness should be. Forget* Griffin and the rest, with their archaic nursery-rhyme idea of national identity. Apart from the mix of cultural references (cheese on toast, jerk fish, pints of bitter) there is just the spirit of the thing, glorying in a diversity of origins, boastful in the most understated way. Even the opting for low key language only adds more power
We don't give a frigg** about what them fools think
Frigg your network, our debt work will speak for itself.
It makes me proud to come from this bloody bloody country. And as a typical Sociology type, I think that says a lot.
*Oh, Mr. Cowley, with your politicised swears! Tut tut. I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I warned you he was rude.
**Oh, Sam, why can't you be more like your Mr Manuva, with his polite non-swears?


getfrank said...

dear lord

where was my invite to share musical expertise... EH?

Alex said...

I did consider it, actually!
But I thought you didn't read the blog, so...

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