Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Information is Beautiful: Last.fm Tools

It's not often I put things like this up here (after all, this isn't one of those Tumblrs!), but this was too good to not share. It's a tool which generates graphics of your listening habits, as recorded by last.fm. You're free to pick through and choose a timeframe to produce the most aesthetically pleasing result. All three presented here are from different periods, showing, I think: my top listened artists for the last year, top albums for the last three months, and the genres/tags last.fm has given all the music I've listened to ever.
Covers Band
It made me consider the twin obsessions which it manages to mash together in a deeply satisfying way. Those obsessions being:
loudly presenting my music tastes (see: ever-growing collection of band t-shirts)
and carefully presented stat-porn (see: Bungie.net's salivation-inducing Halo stat-collector).
It also made me think about how carefully I've cultivated my Last.fm account over the years, for largely no reason that I understood, and why a record of what you've listened to might be important, and why you might want to present it to the world, or hide it. It's certainly, provided you don't cheat, an honest record of your records.
This chunk of beauty courtesy of shoxrocks' brilliant Last.Fm tools.

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