Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Too Many Flesh Suppers: How to Make Cowley’s Chinese-Style Pork Belly

The sun is shining right now, and it feels like summer has arrived. Before this warming illusion is inevitably snatched away, I’m revelling in a little nostalgia. So here’s a little something I’ve been cooking up* for a while that feels suddenly seasonal.

Cowley’s Chinese-Style Pork Belly is part of something me and my friends shot last summer as a test for our otherwise abortive Sparkle Motion** initiative. We were wondering if we could manage a regular short internet episodic series thing. As it’s taken me till now to do anything with the footage, clearly we couldn’t.

…So at the very least it worked as a test.

Anyway, this is the best chunk of meat* left on those particular bones, so I’ve edited it up and put it online for your enjoyment.

(Please note that the following is somewhat more risqué than my generally family-friendly blog, and beware accordingly.)

(Bonus Director’s Commentary time:
It’s a bit longer than I’d’ve liked, but that Cowley is a right windbag. And he chose a damned complex recipe. I cut the video aiming for a genuinely instructional tone, rather than the inevitably smug hurrr, look what me and the lads did attempt at humour. So, please, as BBQ season approaches: make this pork belly at home!)

*Unintentional but very much deliberately-left-in puns.
**That was what I was calling it, anyway. Ultimately, I suspect that
I just wanted the opportunity to question shout “Sometimes I doubt
your commitment to Sparkle Motion!” at people. This seems, in
retrospect, somewhat ironic, presenting this to you over 9 months later.

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